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This site originally started at the http://w4u.eexi.gr/~antbos/ address, in the server of the Association of Hellenic Internet Users (EEXI). Both the necessary size of all the documents and the limited technical resources of the non-profit EEXI could not make it possible to maintain the site at its original location.This link will give you a good idea of how the Scientology cult was raided in Greece, the shut down of KEFE Scientology Centre and the terminology found in the confiscated documents during the Prosecutor raids.

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Scientology Power Laundering
in the December 2008 riots in Greece

The December 2008 riots in Athens and elsewhere in Greece were significantly influenced by the subversive pylons, which the Scientology extremist cult created in Greece at the beginning of the '90s. Top executives of the SYNASPISMOS political party (which today is the main party of the SYRIZA coolition in the Greek Parliament) are deeply involved with this totalitarian, racist and inhuman cult, which had even the CIA intervening in Greek Intelligence Agency for Scientology benefit and for other extremist organizations. Synaspismos is basically a Scientology-afilliated strategic organization, expressed as political party. The 1995 confiscated documents of three police raids in the Greek Scientology Headquarters (KEFE) prove that at least since 1993 Scientology and top Synaspismos executives were interlacing and Synaspismos practically started laundering Scientology power in the Greek society.


Greek Politicians in the Scientology world


Memorandum to the Greek Parliamentary Committee on Institutions and Transparency
"The political and social corrossion from the covert activity of the Scientology extremist cult"

Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and Frank Oliver
From Wikileaks

You can find the 64 kb version of Brett Hanover's movie "The Bridge" at:

This film is a very good presentation of the life inside a Scientology organization and is certainly not endorsed by Scientology.

        Scientology documents in Acrobat pdf and Word doc format

        My legal case regarding OT-3, NOTs and seized documents including the Scientology President in Greece explicitly stating "these are not our documents" and that I manufactured them

       Scientology infiltration in the Greek Media. How the Media in Greece are loosing the ethics battles with the cult. Dimitris Trimis: Scientology's most valuable Media ally is the Secretary General of the ESIEA Press Union!!!

A graphic and humorous of what Scientology believes and how it started


Fascist attack against
anti-cult publisher

Φασιστική επίθεση
εναντίον των Εκδόσεων ΠΕΛΑΣΓΟΣ


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