Fascist attack against anti-cult publisher
Φασιστική επίθεση εναντίον των Εκδόσεων ΠΕΛΑΣΓΟΣ

Late afternoon June 5 2008, a group of self called "leftists" or "anti-authority" ones invaded the offices of PELASGOS Publishing, hit the publisher John Giannakenas and set fire on the bookstore. The offices and bookstore were destroyed as you can see in the photos. The Holy Inquisition in the Middle Ages was deeply in the "hobby" of burning books, people, etc and the Nazis of course.


Both Hitler and the Holy Inquisition fanatics would be very proud for their modern successors, which incidentally, are part of the hard nucleus in the political-strategic sector in Greek life with a Taliban-like fanatism to promote the Scientology and other cult agenda.
These are the work of the true neonazis, neostalinists and neo Holy Inquisitors (Right-click on the image to save in large size):

PELASGOS published my book "NEW ORDER MERCENARIES The activities of extremist parareligions and SCIENTOLOGY". During the last weeks or better months, the political party of Synaspismos-SYRIZA was blamed as motivator (if not instigator) of a number of extremist behaviour from its supporters and people in its ideological-strategic sphere of influence. These people are very few but fanatic and provocative and they even prohibited professors in Greek Universities from electing Deans and governing boards, mainly because they do not like a new law which limits their exo-academic influence in Universities and Higher Education. Academic and political personalities, even the Prime Minister himself, openly blamed the SYRIZA "alliance" as the essentially responsible for a number of fanatic and provocative incidents (especially in the academic field) from people  in its ideological-strategic sphere of influence.
As the new form of Holy Inquisition, they label everyone who does not submit to their power and now even attack them. You can understand how serious the situation is, when the Prime Minister himself openly names political parties and their leadership as the essential instigators of such extremist behaviour.

Alekos Alavanos, SYRIZA President is mentined in the following confiscated Scientology document as an attractive person for the cult to cooperate with, together with another European Union Deputy, Mr. Papagianakis. The document is from 1993 when they were EU Parliament deputies.

This next confiscated document about Scientology's Allies and Enemies in Greece in 1995, also mentions other personalities in the Synaspismos-SYRIZA ideological-strategic sphere of influence as allies. The name of Mr. Kounalakis, a most prominent personality of this political-strategic field, is included in this list. He is the person who played a catalytic role in the Black Propaganda campaign against the late father Anthony Alevizopoulos, the main Scientology enemy for many years. His role was revealed in a series of articles on Scientology in the RESALTO magazine, together with the cooperation of journalist Dimitris Trimis with the Scientology cult.
I also have another link (in Greek) about the Greek Politicians in the Scientology World.

The location of the offices was in the center of Athens and there was always a lot of police presence there. However, the police did not do anything to stop the attack, since it is widely known in Greece (according to policemen statements) that "these people are beyond our reach". Until now there was even fear to deal with the Synaspismos-SYRIZA ideological-strategic sphere of influence, but things have now gone beyond any limit.

Therefore, if you want, you can contact the Interior Minister Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos and the Public Order Vice Minister Mr. Panagiotis Hinofotis to urge them to take action against these fascist persons who cover their faces during the attacks and have no courage to stand for open democratic discussion, but rather for terrorist-like attacks on those who do not submit to their power.

Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Interior Minister:
Office: 40 Solonos str., 10672 Athens, Greece. Phone 0030-210-3633146, fax 0030-210-3390507. Email: pavp@hellasnet.gr

The phone numbers for the Interior Ministry (must be the Press Office) are: 0030-210-3393537, 0030-210-3393581