Scientology Power Laundering
in the December 2008 riots in Greece

The December 2008 riots in Athens and elsewhere in Greece were significantly influenced by the subversive pylons, which the Scientology extremist cult created in Greece at the beginning of the '90s. Top executives of the SYNASPISMOS political party (which today is the main party of the SYRIZA coolition in the Greek Parliament) are deeply involved with this totalitarian, racist and inhuman cult, which had even the CIA intervening in Greek Intelligence Agency for Scientology benefit and for other extremist organizations.

Synaspismos is basically a Scientology-afilliated strategic organization, expressed as political party.

The 1995 confiscated documents of three police raids in the Greek Scientology Headquarters (KEFE) prove that at least since 1993 Scientology and top Synaspismos executives were interlacing and Synaspismos practically started laundering Scientology power in the Greek society.

The International Media covering the December 2008 violence erruption in Athens (and elsewhere) totaly missed the vital points about Scientology and Synaspismos, revealed here. This is natural, since most of their sources are from Greek Media, which operate under powerful Synaspismos control at least until recently. More on the Greek Media comming soon.

Outline of the big picture

The essential points to comprehend the upsurge of violence in Exarhia (or Exarchia) and other parts of Greece are:


-          The “Exarhia State”. Who created it and maintained it.

-          The Synaspismos party with powerful links to the Scientology cult

-          Control over Greek Media by Synaspismos


To make it descriptive, what happened (with the boy’s murder) is what you get when you put cats and mice in a yard with gas leaks and attach candles or lighters to their tails. At sometime some of them, during the chase, will pass-by a gas leak and create an explosion. It is unpredictable when and where it will happen and which cats and mice will be involved, but it is fully predictable that it will happen. It is a … predicted unpredictability.

The “explosive load” in Exarhia was accumulated over the years (could be 20 years) by both sides. The police (with questionable training for such operational area) was not allowed to “touch” the rioters (what we call “koukoulofori”) wearing hoods. All PASOK and New Democracy governments were forced (in the 90s) to accept asylum of the Exarhia region. The police officers were even outraged because when destructions happened everyone blamed the “chicken” police. There is an explanation on that. It is widely believed that these para-state (parakratiki) groups to some extent include children of the Greek high society and politicians. For many years it was common knowledge that high profile Synaspismos members “have their people” among them. Actually it was said that Synaspismos is supporting this para-state pylon against the Greek society (later I say about the first such pylon, with Scientology involvement). Synaspismos was harshly describing these as nationalistic, slanders, etc.

A little more than a year ago the son of a top Synaspismos-SYRIZA executive (Nikos Voutsis) was arrested by the police during an attempted bank robbery and found to have a small arms facility in his house. He was known to be attacking policemen during such clashes with rioters but until then this was not publicly known. A critical point which lead to publicity, is that he was arrested by other kind of cops, not those involved with Exarhia, who knew who are not to be touched. This was a big blow to Synaspismos and the control of Exarhia by these groups (parakratiki), which are essentially organized crime with persisting rumors for American presence among them (others speak even about American control). There was a good joke, that the “independent State of Exarhia” has its embassy located at Koumoundourou square: that’s where the Synaspismos headquarters is located!

Around that period, I vividly remember, there was a persisting belief in Exarhia (RESALTO is one of the magazines I cooperate and it is based in Exarhia square) that “there will be bloodshed”, in order for these criminal groups to exploit it and consolidate their power in Exarhia. The (largely untrained) police is constantly provoked in Exarhia and many crimes there go unpunished. This “explosive load” I mentioned above, exploded with the incident of the boy’s murder. It happened to these specific “cats and mice”, it could happen to others, even a year ago as first started to circulate, but there was not the necessary combination of police misbehavior and para-state provocation until now. This was the unpredictable part of the predicted unpredictability.

The big and inexcusable mistake from the Karamanlis governments is that they did not wipe out the organized crime elements of the “Exarhia State” and did not train and properly equip police officers to function in such operational environments. It was a matter of time to have behavior explosion.

The wave of destruction which followed was, more than certainly, organized. It is impossible to plan, organize and coordinate “spontaneous protests” from Crete to Thrace in just a few hours during the midnight of weekend. Even the Japanese or Germans or British or others would very hardly made it, but Greeks are not famous for superb planning, organizing and coordinating skills :-)  It can only be accomplished when you have a stand-by operational infrastructure which will be activated when the cat and mouse pass-by a gas leak. It needs planning from before.

Additionally, the pattern of attacks is definitely professional and focused on private property, symbols (Venizelos statue, Greek flag, churches) etc. This is more of a PsyOps situation rather than popular outrage for unemployment, education, corruption, financial situation, etc. Most of the protesters are below 25 or even 20 years old with no particular political or social background and experience. Young people are easily manipulated. There were postings from anarchists and students openly differentiating themselves from the destructions.


The Media control from Synaspismos is the other equally VERY VITAL point. I faced that during my efforts to publish about the Scientology operations in Greece. Some reporters were even terrified to publish when the Synaspismos connection was revealed. It is a very long story and I will not go into depth now. Some cases I mention to the parliamentary committee are:


Eleftherotypia-Ios Dimitris Trimis


MEGA Channel – Grey zones

Elli Stai – Ellispontos and


Makis Triantafylopoulos

Nikos Evangelatos

Panos Panagiotopoulos


ALTER – Hardavelas

NET – Europe Express

SKAI – Neoi Fakelli - Papahelas

Channel 10  – Gregory Valianatos


The following part (apart from others) is meant to give some proof that Synaspismos is completely different from what it appears. This part is entirely based on confiscated Scientology documents from three raids (in 1995) from prosecutor Ioannis Angelis. These are hard evidence that cannot be disputed. This is the start of creating the first para-state pylon in Greece. Synaspismos evolved in parallel with the evolution of the Scientology operations to eliminate any resistance in Greece.

If someone examines the Scientology agenda and Synaspismos’ political orientation and action, he will see remarkable similarity in orientations. In the URL (in Greek but with many English documents) you can see the Memorandum I submitted to the members of the parliamentary committee on institutions and transparency about "The political and social corrosion from the covert activity of the Scientology extremist cult", in order to start a thorough examination of political and social impact from the cult.


This URL describes the scene on Greek politicians with Scientology links. It s also in Greek but has links to English documents.


This document dated 20 June 1993 reveals that Alekos Alavanos was known from that time to the cult to be “anti-orthodox” and was decided to establish contact with him and Papagiannakis, both top Synaspismos executives. This document lists Scientology communications lines with Media, politicians and opinion leaders.


This is one aspect of Scientology infiltration in the Orthodox Church through professor Konidaris who was member of the legal board of the Orthodox Church. Incidentally (?) he was appointed Religious Affairs Secretary in he Simitis government. The following documents are same as this but they also have a time stamp to establish date: and


This is one about the cult lawyer Theodorou who is a close associate of Minister Papaligouras who appointed Theodorou as representative of the Justice Ministry to the National Committee for the Rights of Man. Just one aspect of the cult infiltration in human rights bodies.


These documents and refer to attacks against the Orthodox Church. These two and show how things started against the Orthodox  Church. Jehova Witnesses and Evangelics were not willing to cooperate openly with Scientology against the Orthodox Church. This is why Scientology created the “interfaith group” with Takis Alexiou from PANIFE, in order to work covertly. This

Is another one from the first talking about attacks to the Orthodox Church.


This one clearly states about CIA intervention in Greek Intelligence to support Scientology and generally New Religious Movements (how they call themselves).


These are lists with more documents:  and



Additional documents for important Scientology infiltration projects

This is to bring light to the fact that the Scientology-Synaspismos relation was set in a broader context for covert operations in the Balkans. There are more “Balkan documents” apart from those:


·  Handling the US Consulate in Athens (1)

·  Handling the US Consulate in Athens (2)

·  Handling the US Consulate in Athens (3)

The 1992 Scientology's OSA Int. drawn plan to handle the US Consul in Athens and influence the Visa-grading procedures of the United States government even by Dead Agenting Greece, people in Greece (and perhaps abroad) to the State Department officers of the "Greek Desk".  This was BEFORE Scientology makes deals with parts of the US government.

·  Project BUL.GR.A.VIA. to establish a Scientology-controlled region in the Balkans (BULgaria, GReece, Albania and YugoslaVIA and operate globally as "4th dynamic entity". It is actually a "control Clearwater city" project in a much greater scale. Albania was the first invasion target, since its internal problems made it easier to control. WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) was the invading instrument of Scientology, as a good Public Relations front. 

The BUL_GR_A_VIA project is a Scientology initiated effort to gain control over a Balkan region that included Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia, in order to establish a safe geographic territory (if not a Scientology state), from which to operate globally, with the minimum of disturbances. The documents show, the efforts started at the end of 1992 and around December were taking shape.

Albania, apparently, was the first country to be chosen, since its internal problems, destabilized it, making it an easy target, looking for any assistance to stand on its feet. The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) was the infiltrating tool of Scientology and very understandably so, since for a covert operation in this scale, pure Scientology would not make good Public Relations, given its terrible reputation worldwide.

The plan lists the following fields of activity:

  1. Establishment of the ALBANIA BUILDING & TRADE COMPANY - ABT to conduct business in the field of building material, including the setting up of production units for marble, piping, cement, chalk, etc.
  2. Establishment of the first private Bank in Albania, pointing out that "a license from the Bank of Albania is easily obtainable for WISE members".
  3. Newspaper industry. This is cute, considering the hatred of Scientology against journalists and the Media.
  4. Exploitation of countryside products, such as fruit, milk even water resources.
  5. Tourist industry, especially hotels.
  6. Transportation, even founding an airline.
  7. Telecommunications, mentioning an invitation to tender for a mobile telephone network, expected at the beginning of 1993.
  8. Computer Industry for introducing high technology and software.
  9. Mining and exploitation of coal deposits.
  10. Furnitures, textiles, handicrafts, etc.

This project was of vital importance for Scientology, as indicated by a 1992 document from the Bookstore Officer of the Advanced Organization Saint Hill United Kingdom, in which Scott Chaplin writes "... Albania is part of OUR fourth dynamic. We can't have a weak spot, or sector in non-alignment ... We as a Fourth Dynamic Entity can't afford any weak spots". In other points he says "Only a few years ago, Albania had one of the most suppressive communist governments and cruelest dictators on the planet. Now Democracy reigns." !!! I wonder where he discovered it in 1992.

The Scientology organization in Greece (KEPHE) seems to have been given the duty to monitor the Orthodox Archbishop of Albania, Anastasios Giannoulatos. In the seized document No 50 (numbered by the Hellenic Criminal Research Directorate) dated March 31, 1994, the Archishop is marked as enemy with danger number 50. The Archbishop of Greece and father Anthony Alevizopoulos are marked with 100.

English translation of the German documents:


·  Scientology plan to invade Albania. (1)

·  Scientology plan to invade Albania. (2)


To summarize the para-state pylons created in the beginning of the 90s with both Scientology and Synaspismos involvement (today’s rioters are not linked to Scientology, they are a relatively newer fruit):


An overall conclusion is that Synaspismos (when breaking away from the coalition with the Communist party) salvaged and preserved the ruthless Stalinist and anti-spiritual components of the soviet world. Synaspismos and Scientology appear to be like interlacing branches of Washington government or para-government power structures. Synaspismos supported  the most vital Washington interests in Greece. The most recent one refers to the parliamentary ratification of the Greek-Russian agreement for the Bourgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline. Synaspismos-SYRIZA was the ONLY party voting against … for environmental reasons. It never created new fronts for Washington’s new order unacceptable policies, never worsened an already existing front, never degraded their ability to face existing fronts. It jumps among those resisting these policies and controls the resistance, acting like new order “bomb disposal” personnel to controllably diffuse the social potential and attack the real resistance to Washington’s new order. Exarhia is the most obvious place exercising this control.

It could be almost impossible for Washington to operate in the Balkans, without Synaspismos in Greece. It is a remnant of the Bush-Cheny era.