My legal case regarding OT-3, NOTs and seized documents

Scientology actively tries to stop publication of key information and documents which reveal its totalitarian nature and the information control on the member-victims.
This cult has even imposed to its victims the installation of a software filter, which blocks them for browsing websites, newsgroups, etc or even reading names of a list of persons (I am included in this list) who publish information, which the cult regard as “antireligious”.
Another way it uses to stop the spread of revealing information, is the threats from lawyers like Helena Kobrin, Ava Paquette, etc that the published documents are copyrighted work and only the cult can sell them to whoever it judges suitable and ready to know these “truths”.
In this new website (as well as in my previous one, but the material here are much more documentative as you will see), I include documents and other information primarily for Greek citizens and the Greek authorities, in order to evaluate the Scientology dangers. Of course, all are available for any other Internet user.

    “Bosnakoudis manufactured them”
This is one of the statements from Katerina Diamandara, Scientology President in Greece, during the June 3rd, 2002 “PROFILE” program at the EXTRA Channel TV Station. Here are some photos from her and the overall panel:




Diamandara actually said that OT-3 and NOTs were not Scientology documents and that I manufactured them and attribute them to Scientology. Two of the participants, Mr. Dimitris Iatropoulos columnist and poet with the lawyer and writer Mr. Dimitris Sergios, started a conversation  regarding the contents of my book ("NEW ORDER MERCENARIES The activities of extremist parareligions and SCIENTOLOGY").

The following photos show Iatropoulos and Sergios (next to Diamandara):

Dimitris Iatropoulos                                           Dimitris Sergios

Apart from the seized documents from the 1995 Prosecutor raids at Scientology’s KEFE offices, they were referring to the “sacred scriptures” of the cult, OT-3 and NOTS, which are included in my book.

They (mainly Mr. Sergios who was quoting my book) started revealing OT-3 content with Xenu, the Galactic Confederation, etc and the cult President was shouting she does not want to hear it, she is not interested in my views, etc. The relevant text follows. This is one and this is the second mp3 file with the conversation, while this is one and this is the second animated gif of it.


Iatropoulos:     Those mentioned in Bosnakoudis’ book or circulating in any case, regarding the philosophical basis of the story, that somewhere was an explosion, that Earth is a planet … [interrupted]

Diamandara:     I have never read them, I consider them science fiction

Iatropoulos:     Are you serious ? (!!!)

Diamandara:     I am absolutely serious

Sergios:             This is a text from Hubbard himself

Diamandara:     I understand what you are saying, but these are what Mr. Bosnakoudis is saying

Sergios:             “The head of the Galactic Confederation” [interrupted]

Diamandara:     Yes, yes

Sergios:             Read it

Diamandara:     No you will not read it PLEASE, because I do not want to hear the view of Mr. Bosnakoudis, I do not want to hear Bosnakoudis’ views … I do not want us to see this topic sir.

Iatropoulos:     In  our people, there are a lot of customers for galactic fiction, tales, which are very exciting

Diamandara:    Mr. Bosnakoudis sells them, we don’t sell them

Iatropoulos:     Is it pirated  [the Greek word is klepsitipo] ?

Diamandara:    Of course

Iatropoulos:     Is it a fabrication ?

Diamandara:     Yes

Sergios:             Text of the “Operating Thetan number 3” as Hubbard wrote it [interrupted]

Diamandara:     Mr. Sergios [voices] I understand you [voices] Mr. Bosnakoudis [interrupted]

Iatropoulos:      Does madam President state that the text is fake ?

Diamandara:     Yes

Sergios:             But, these are not Mr. Bosnakoudis’ views, there are images of documents inside. Do you see them ?

Diamandara:     These texts, Mr. Bosnakoudis included, are not our documents

I did not participate in the TV program and this is the reason Mrs. Diamandara participated, because every time she was asked in any station, she did not want to be where I would be. The reason for my non participation was the unethical approach Panos Panagiotopoulos, the host, wanted to impose. I participated in the previous program and the panel included a “former” (?) Scientologist who stated that “Hubbard’s technology was good” but today’s people were the problem. He was constantly shouting and interrupting and Mr. Panagiotopoulos crossed every limit of decent behaviour (he actually had hostile behaviour) in his effort to force me start a TV fight with the “former” (?) Scientologist, instead of putting him in the proper order. In the beginning I (and many guests) was  surprised. The program was recorded, it was not live, and after the initial surprise, I complained twice (maybe three times, I do not remember). This was cut from the broadcast. It was never broadcasted. Mr. Panagiotopoulos was also blocking me from presenting the confiscated documents (from the 1995 raids) which implicated journalists (Dimitris Trimis and his associates in the Eleftherotypia newspaper, etc), politicians, human rights personalities, etc in the Scientology infiltration network. My additional complaints and sarcastic (to some extent) comments for the “strange love affair” were also cut. They were never broadcasted. The Media infiltration is a big issue and I cover it separately.

                Ava Paquette

Filling suit was a one way road for me. If you say all these against a journalist and he just leaves them fly away, his credibility and reliability fly away as well. During the preparation of the criminal and civil suits I filled against Scientology for defamation, the Scientology lawyer Ava Paquette sent me the following email-present:


                      > Dear Sir:
                      > Our office represents Religious Technology Center ("RTC"), the owner of
                      > the confidential Advanced Technology of the Scientology religion and the holder
                      > of exclusive rights under the copyrights applicable to the Advanced
                      > Technology materials. The Advanced Technology materials are confidential,
                      > unpublished, copyrighted works. RTC's works include, among others, the
                      > individual works comprising levels known as "NOTs". These works are
                      > registered with the United States Copyright Office under registration
                      > numbers: TXu 257 326 and 257 527.
                      > We have been informed that you have placed a number of RTC's NOTs
                      > copyrighted works on your home page without the authorization of our client.
                      > These are located under the following URLs:
                      > Numerous permanent injunctions and awards of statutory damages and
                      > attorneys' fees have been entered regarding these and similar works. In May
                      > 1998, a jury in the United States District Court in San Jose, California
                      > awarded statutory damages in the amount of $75,000 against a Mr. Henson for
                      > engaging in similar infringing activities on the Internet as to one single
                      > copyrighted work. Statutory attorneys' fees were also awarded against Mr.
                      > Henson and, in addition, he is also permanently enjoined from committing any
                      > further infringements. A United States District Court in the state of
                      > Virginia granted judgment for damages, costs, and a permanent injunction
                      > related to similar copyright infringement. Permanent injunctions have also
                      > been entered in three additional U.S. cases related to similar
                      > infringements.
                      > On September 14, 1998, a Swedish court enjoined a defendant who engaged
                      > in infringements of these and other works, in addition to finding that his
                      > actions in placing those works on the Internet violated our client's rights
                      > under Swedish copyright law. RTC v. Panoussis, Judgment of the Stockholm
                      > District, Division 7, case T-7-886-96. He was also fined for his illegal
                      > actions and ordered to pay litigation costs. The decision by Stockholm
                      > District Court was upheld on appeal in a decision issued on March 9, 2001.
                      > By placing these copyrighted works on your web page, you are violating
                      > Greek and United States copyright law. Your activity involving unauthorized
                      > posting of copyrighted materials on the Internet violates articles 3, 4, 65
                      > and 66 of the Act 2/21/1993 on the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring
                      > Rights.
                      > Accordingly, we request that these works be removed immediately.
                      > We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
                      > Sincerely,
                      > Ava Paquette
                      > Moxon & Kobrin
                      > 3055 Wilshire Boulevard
                      > Suite 900
                      > Los Angeles, California 90010
                      > Tel: (213) 487-4468
                      > Fax: (213) 4875-5385

The file also included the OT-3 text (not in images, just simple ASCII text). I replied, (among others) by asking to clear out among them if I fabricated the texts or if they are true. After all, Diamandara was the Scientology representative in Greece, she was obviously real and not a creature of cyberspace, while Paquette like Kobrin were existing only as email originators in cyberspace.

Finally, Scientology paid me a good compensation for the defamation and signed an out-of-court-settlement document, stating they do not say that I did anything illegal or immoral or unethical. They did not want to get exposed in Court.

I upload the following documents so that the medical community in Greece (but certainly not limited to it) could evaluate the medical and other dangers of the practices mentioned there. These are some of the cult’s central beliefs and practices which are consciously kept hidden from the public and the Authorities. If we see the tragic example of Lisa Mc Pherson, the illegal medical practice associated with them, combined with ignorance, may very well kill people.

The OT-3 images in Acrobat pdf format
The OT-3 text in Word doc format
Scientific scrutiny of OT-3
Zipped file of both NOTs and OT-3