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The activities of extremist
parareligions and
based on Scientology’s seized documents

By Tony J. Bosnakoudis

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Pages 13-17
 The destructive result from Scientology (and other similar organizations) does not end here. Scientology is a social and spiritual AIDS. It infiltrates, conquers and controls key-positions in the society where the Scientology center operates, without overtly demonstrating it.

What do the USA do?
Pages 42-46
 The United States is like a cup of tea. We see the cup and the tea inside, but the tea itself hides from us the most important: the small bag at the bottom, which creates what we see. This «leadership bag» is the stable leadership nucleus of the United States. It is a few tens of think tanks, Institutes, Foundations, organizations, companies, up to secret societies, which (just like tea) are constantly in an osmotic process with the government mechanism and the leadership positions of american society. It is unrealistic to think the US have a unified leadership nucleus and need to make clear «which USA?» acts in each development. The various economic-strategic balances are those expressed politically.
 In the case of Scientology, some US leadership circles, obviously, considered that cooperation with Scientology would bring some mutual benefits and gave (temporary) support, without being interested that Scientology is mainly fed by the flesh of American citizens themselves, so that it can expand itself in other countries.


 The USA, on one hand have a number of circles which gave Scientology some life extension at the expense even of American citizens. On the other hand, however, from the beginning of the `60s the FBI has brought smashing hits on Hubbard and his organization. This is how we started knowing the true identity of Scientology, so that the society could be protected. Therefore, as repulsive may be the position of some sick US government circles with the face lifting they do on Scientology, we must equally appreciate FBI’s work and the one of the healthy US for the revelations brought in light due to their work, through very difficult conditions.

(Parallel occult and racist ways)
pages 103-104
There is a remarkable analogy between the Nazi totalitarian structure, operation and racism with those of Scientology, to the point we can regard Scientology as the most vivid historical and operational continuity of Nazism, which, however, is covered with an extensive front of aggressive public relations and ... antinazi profile. Hubbard, along with Hitler, can very well be included among the most important racist personalities of the 20th century. They have one basic difference: Hitler had an army, while Hubbard did not, thank God.
Nazism, like Scientology, remain as incomprehensible worlds (and they purposely support this) until we discover the Occult blood flowing their veins. Such occult secret societies, which exist for the «noble» cause of world domination, have got to have similar structure and operational way. Scientology totalitarianism is today’s repulsive and cold reality.
Their survival, however, is secured by this «spiritual blood» (occultism) which runs their structures and conveys to their members the covert phychonarcotic that cuts them from reality and exploits them, by locking them to the mechanisms of the organizations’ internal circles, who possess the supreme initiation and «possess the truth». These arbitrary, inaccurate and foolish classifications into «possessors», «semi-possessors» and «non-possessors» of the truth, form the nucleus of the internal (spiritual) racism which strangles every effort to dispute and hold the leadership accountable, since if you are at a lower level «how dare you dispute the spiritually superiors?» and if you are at the high leadership levels, you are well settled within the established system and you are simple not accountable. Democracy and individual freedom have no place within such an environment, since they break up leadership control upon the members.
Hitler was directly linked to the secret Thule Society and the Vril Society. Hubbard was a member of the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO), under the leadership of chief satanist Aleister Crowley, as well as in a Rosicrusian Order and incorporated many elements from such areas into Scientology. Within the ... occult community Hubbard is considered as a failed magician, a failed occultist, having reached some starting stages within OTO and when he did not manage to keep himself in there (because he was involved in cheating existing members and doing his own improvisions in the «Moon Child» rituals) he set up his own occult «shop» serving his own occult salad. Some others even accuse him of becoming a pawn in the hands of the opponents (Black Order, Black Lodge, etc), something quite possible since Scientology can become a good mercenary.
A presentation of the analogy between Nazism and Scientology in occult level, reveals the true common roots and the special dangers from Scientology totalitarianism. Compared to Nazism, it has much better Public Relations to cover its repulsive face and it is today’s reality.
Perhaps they differ in the ... occult «blood type» which flows within them, but, surely, they could not survive without it. Scientology’s «attack» against Nazism, especially in Germany, may have to be examined as a collission between wider occult areas (since it is certainly similar to Nazism in many points and Scientology does not care about human rights when it also violates them) for the control share in Germany and abroad. It is well known that dogs eat each other when it comes to sharing the loot. Their common target is the German society and eat each other for the biggest share. Moreover, the suppost Scientology receives from circles in the United States, may have to be examined as «occult solidarity» from other dog-like creatures.

pages 213-214

 Organizations like Scientology are quite attractive in the eyes of Secret Services. On one hand they can be used as «safe areas» for the Secret Service to operate, or for planting its operatives (agents) under non diplomatic cover (and make it more difficult for Counterintelligence to locate them), or for conducting experiments inside such organizations which are not to be conducted overtly. Because they will likely create protests for their legality or morality, as well as for security for the Secret Agency not to be directly linked and if something wrong happens or the experiment is over, the failure or the cleaning of every trace will fall on the organization, perhaps with a mass suicide that will not affect the leadership (who knew about the experiment) as a fee for its services. We have to admit (as repulsive it might seem) that in such extremist cults, sects, etc which maintain extreme membership control and obedience to the leadership, the leadership can put the members do whatever asked and benefit at their expense, especially when they were subjected to the idea that a reincarnated life begins after death.
 Such programs may involve experiments on human behaviour (its control, the effect of chemical substances, brainwash, reactions to specific stimuli, mapping and identification of the cultural and social characteristics and sensitivities of a country, etc), up to «power laundering» which uses the cult, sect, etc for the Secret Agency to convey political and strategic intervention with an attractive cover (religious, human rights, humanitarian assistance, etc), something in analogy to money laundering, without excluding money laundering itself.  Especially in the case of behavioural control, cults may themselves get advantage from the experiment results and apply scientifically-proven control techniques.


NOC (Non Official Cover)
pages 226-233
 NOC stands for «Non Official Cover» and describes an important CIA program, which recently became relatively known, whose existence proves there is a relevant CIA (at least) policy allowing it to place NOC agents in companies, organizations and generally in groups based in the United States and therefore can be controlled or influenced by government circles.
 NOC agents operate inside the group with its US leadership knowledge and approval. Some american companies and organizations accept NOC agents conveyed within their structure because of «patriotism», because they get free executives and possibly after gentle blackmail. Only the high leadership level in the US are aware of the existence of NOC agent(s) and not the executives abroad.
 Essentially, CIA creates a parallel Station of agents in the foreign country, along with the standard classic Station, this one with non official cover. NOCs are much harder to be located by Counteritelligence and Security Agencies of the foreign country, since they can be any executive or employee of an american company or organization. They have much better intelligence collection flexibility, since diplomats have certain limitations due to their capacity.


 Listing Scientology (and other parareligions) as a religion in Greece would allow these circles to enforce one more of their operations areas in Greece.


From Churches to extremist cults
pages 233-234
 Since a large part of the US ecclesiastic world critisized (overtly at least) these «smart new ideas», CIA would have to limit itself within the existing framework of conveying NOCs to ecclesiastic structures. Here come cults, sects and other similar extremist organizations which can be baptized into regions. Among others, this explains CIA interest for their free operation, since their leaders can easily cooperate with CIA in exchange for CIA support.


 Support and cooperation of «Made in USA» cults and «religious movements» are also based on civilizatuon and strategic grounds. These US leadership circles try to create artificial history and depth of civilization for the United States. Although the american people have not shown annoyed for being composed of many different peoples, or for their few centuries history, those who decide for American behind their back, try to create history in a way it destroys other peoples history.
 Groups like Scientology, Mormons and those who support reincarnation or the «prophesies» of local «prophets» give the US a history of thousands of years or lead to the conclusion that it is ridiculous to speak about a people’s long time history, since, for example, the builders of Parthenon, Saint Sophia, the Greek heroes of the 1821 Revolution and the 1940 War, may now be reincarnated into drug dealers, New York gang members, Foreign Legion mercenaries or even CIA operatives and perhaps some of them reincarnated into chicken. Therefore, any tradition and historic link seems at least ridivulous under that point of view.
 Seized documents of KEFE show that CIA intervened for the benefit of Scientology and other cults or sects and shut down the department of the Greek Intelligence Agency which was monitoring such organizations, obviously (among others) for possible NOC spies.

Power Laundering
pages 283-284
 Money Laundering is widely known as being the conversion of money coming from criminal (and generally illegal) activity, to money from an apparently legal source, through companies and groups which use their legal activities to dress the illegal and dirty money with legality and cover its true origin.
 Similarly, if a country or an Agency or a group, etc tries to openly convey strategic power or intervention to another one, this will definitely be considered unwelcome or dirty and the effort will fail. Therefore, what will be needed is to «dress» the power in order to launder its true origin under a program from an apparently irrelevant source.


 A Secret Service can use various organizations, through which conveys covert power and intervention in a country. It divides its power in these organizations and the cummulative effect of each program is the achievement of the goal.
 This is fully equivalent with money laundering. The launderer divides the money to smaller amounts (smurfing) putting them within the economic system, without causing suspisions bacause they are not large amounts, as well as for security reasons for not loosing everything if something goes wrong. In the second stage he layers them, by conveying them through a complex transactions net in order to create a labyrinth of transfer roads and prevent detection of the original source.
 In the case of power laundering, the division of power is de-structuring (like a monument or building separated into pieces and transfered to be rebuilt in another location) into various groups, so the result of each individual program they launder can be layered piece-by-piece and re-structure the intergrated desired result.
 «Follow the money and you will find a lead». This is the foundation in finding leads and the way in the labyrinth of money laundering. In power laundering we follow the power to see the broader interests in which the results from the operation of extremist groups, cults, sects, etc belong to. Their basic results are the corrosion and disruption of the social web (something like a social and spiritual AIDS), the sneaky infiltration in the government mechanism, the family break up and enslaving citizens into unknown foreign control centers. These are all characteristics of the New World Order, this global Procrustis which twists reality and cuts and glues societies.

Uncle Oscar vs Uncle Sam
The Hegellian Principle
pages 284-289

(Here are some interpretations on the identity of the Washington regime. I use these details to better explain, in other parts of the book, the interlace with Scientology and similar extremist groups).

 The games of New Order bring the tragic state of the American people into surface. The Americans are the first and big loosers, because the New Order architects and operators of extremist cults stand on the Americans to export the poison already given in the US. On the other hand the Americans receive the anger of all other nations, since these other nations cannot easily detect (which is very natural) the power games in the US, the parallel US and do not know the american reactions against the New Order and the dark supporters of destructive cults.


 Essentially, the American people live in a regime of covert and  beautifully decorated Occupation by a small and not completely known group, bringing the American people in a similar situation to the one the Nazi brought the German people.


 New World Order itself is whatever repulsive Man has ever managed to combine. It is a combination of decaying Roman Empire (Nero and Kaligoula era), Middle Ages and Nazism which went through sovietised Public Relations and Propaganda process, for scientific persecution of dissident individuals, groups and Peoples. Perhaps, after all, the Cold War winner was the soviet regime’s spiritual content which took over the West.


 Many believe that the content of the Nazi state-civilization container was the most repulsive human product, ever produced. It is hard for someone not to (at least partially) agree. After the War, this Nazi heritage immigrated to the USA and USSR. It is well known that the two superpowers were engaged in a high speed race to kidnap as much human potential as possible, which was at the Nazi service until then, and put them at their own service. Many «criminals» suddenly dissappeared and continued their work for their new masters. The winners inherited the «disgusted» Nazi products which proved to be valuable elements in their strugle for domination.
 After the fall of communism in the USSR, the US became the dumping ground which contains this Nazi inheritance as was shaped and developed during the Cold War. It has considerably shaped large part of american leadership which tries to impose it as New Age/New Order.
 From that point, the big winner of World War II was the German people because they got rid of the Nazi cancer, although hurt from this «surgical operation». The American people is the big looser of both World War II and the Cold War, because the US became the main container, in which the Nazi cancer (as was mutated in the Cold War) is concentrated. The Americans suffer this new Occupation as a paralyzing cancer and at the same time receive the anger of the rest of the world, as Germans did in the Nazi era. The support or even the non denunciation of this Occupation Group is the true antiamericanism.
 We used to refer to the United States as «Uncle Sam» having in mind the pre-War image of the graphical and kind gendleman and family man who was holding on values and respected all others. Well, Uncle Sam was now thrown in the New Order jails for Uncle Oscar to torture him.
 One representative expression of the Procrustian function of New Order (and participator) is the National Security Agency (NSA) of the US which has created ECHELON. The biggest communications intelligence  system in human history. The NSA user code in ECHELON is OSCAR-OSCAR (Hence «Uncle Oscar»). Therefore, Uncle Sam is the political prisoner of pervert Uncle Oscar and we need to know about these «jails» and «prisoners» in order to direct the anger to Uncle Oscar: the spiritual descendant of Kaligula, Nero, Holy Inquisition and Hitler. If Hitler was to rise up on Earth, he would not have gone to Berlin. He would feel like home in Washington.


 One of the most effective reactions is to reveal and resist the expressions of this mutated Nazism, like Scientology.